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Glam Doll has everything you need for a flawless make-up look

In need of some tools to help you achieve a flawless make-up look? Glam Doll has everything you need whether you are a professional or not...

It's a Saturday night. You are getting ready to hit the town. The outfit is perfection, your hair is holding shape and now it's time for make-up.

On you go blending your foundation, concealer, bronzer and blusher beneath the light of your bedroom. You take the obligatory pre-night out snap because you feel great. You take a look and become awash with horror. The colours are off.

Your foundation is murky, the concealer is creasing, the bronzer is dirty and the blush looks more like high blood pressure than a healthy flush.

Good lighting is key for beautifying oneself but the harsh light of many households can make it impossible to get your make-up looking right. Without the natural light of the daytime, it can be treacherous.

However, there is a solution.

Glam Doll is Ireland's leading Hollywood Mirror and Ring Light specialist which will give you the feel of a professional make-up station within your own home. From full length to small, Glam Doll mirrors use LED bulbs which are energy efficient and long-lasting. They are beautifully bright and offer the optimum light to achieve a flawless make-up application and the perfect opportunity for a selfie.

From vanity tables to make-up chairs to make-up organisers, there is everything you need to create the perfect beauty space in either a work or home environment.


Glam Doll also provides a range of ring lights and specialty lighting for those who want to create the perfect look on a client or create an immaculate YouTube tutorial for work or personal commitments.

There is a range of options available from the simplicity of a selfie light for your phone to more advanced options such as the MUA starter kit.

It wouldn't be true beauty without some beauty tools to complete the experience. Glam Doll Professional Make-up Brushes are made from the softest synthetic bristles, are animal-friendly and possess anti-bacterial properties which help to prevent breakouts.

Our personal favourite is the Rose Pro Complete 15-piece Brush Set which has everything a beauty tool fiend or make-up pro could want.

It's time to bring Hollywood home. Now you can say goodbye to the days of dodgy make-up under your bedroom light and hello to an A-list glow.

Find out more at and follow their Instagram ( here.

Established in 2017 by American born/Irish based, Andrea Griffin, Glam Doll was born out of the need to provide excellent quality mirrors and beauty products at home. With a house full of beauty fans and a keen interest in the beauty industry herself, Andrea went about researching, designing and manufacturing the perfect product to fill a gap in the beauty market in Ireland and the UK. 

With a background of fifteen years in the aviation industry, beauty was a big career leap. Yet the knowledge of quality and the procurement of the perfect product and service was drilled into Andrea in an industry that must meet exceptionally high standards. Andrea took that same mindset into creating Glam Doll and the range of high-quality mirrors, specialty lighting and beauty tools for an at-home professional salon look. 

With clients and fans in both the professional beauty industry and consumer sides, Glam Doll is going from strength to strength in just over 18 months of business, continuing to add new products to their range in 2019.

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