If you’re hoping to upgrade your home glam station, now is the time to do it.

Glam Doll has an amazing selection of Hollywood mirrors, dressing tables, beauty organisers, and specialty lighting – basically everything you need to create your own beauty studio at home.

This Black Friday, November 26, Glam Doll are offering 25% off their Mirrors and Glam Stations, and you can split the cost thanks to their partnership with humm.

You can shop their Black Friday deals online here.

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From giant make-up bags to Hollywood vanity mirrors, here are the best beauty buys to gift this Christmas.

What do you buy someone who loves doing their make-up that is not just… well, more make-up? The answer is something they desperately need – organisational accessories.

You can tell a beauty fiend from her three signatures – a bulging make-up bag scuffed with concealer and lipstick smears, make-up stains on every hand and face towel they own and, of course, a designated vanity or spot where they perform their daily beauty ritual.

And while every beauty lover has a specific regimen of products he or she uses, they all appreciate long-lasting, high-quality accessories like make-up bags and LED mirrors to help keep their routines as easy and organised as possible.

So, we’ve rounded up the top beauty buys from Irish brand GLAM DOLL to gift that talented make-up lover in your life.

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So what is worth investing in? There’s no question that a great hairdryer and/or styling tool have been worth their weight in gold over the past year or two. Few of us can style our own hair quite like the pros, but a good drier in particular goes a long way to helping.

Here’s our pick of the best beauty gadgets for skin, hair and beyond – these ones actually make good gifts.

A light-up mirror is a glamorous gift. Look at GLAM DOLL for a wide range of vanity mirrors, from €160, including this Gigi Vanity Mirror (€180), with 12 LED bulbs.
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“Covid helped in one way because we are an e-commerce business primarily,” Ms Griffin said, “but it has had a knock-on effect in terms of the supply chain. Now we’re seeing it more than ever, where getting parts is getting harder.

“Global logistics have really been impacted. Shipping costs, both locally and internationally, have skyrocketed, so it has really had an impact on the bottom line for businesses, unfortunately.

“I think Christmas will be quite different this year, with the availability of products for people to buy.”

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