Women have a long wish list (no surprise there) of ideals, from what we would eat to what we would wear, all the way down to where we would live and, of course, that dream job. But, one of the most dreamt-of items on this wish list is having a professional makeup artist waiting for you, there to help you get ready at a moment’s notice, every detail of that smoky eye perfected, every minor blemish perfectly concealed.

And, while some of the other wish list items are a bit easier to achieve (just update that cv and go shopping), having the means to hire a makeup artist every single day is, for most of us, out of the question. Thankfully, there is a “next best thing” solution: GLAM DOLL.

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The Miami native bringing old school Hollywood glam to Ireland! By  Laura Bermingham  - 04/08/2018   She moved from Miami to Maynooth for love many years ago, now businesswoman Andrea Griffin is bringing old-school Hollywood glamour to Ireland. Andrea had...
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‘Glam doll’ is a new Irish brand which offers all beauty essentials from Hollywood mirrors to glam box organisers, ring lights and make up brush sets. For the perfect glam room. As a thank you I received one of their 15 piece fully synthetic brush sets which also comes with a cute little bag. I’ve been using them for a while now and I love it.

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April 24, 2018
Whether you’re looking for new mirrors for your studio or gorgeous brushes for your kit, look no further than Glam Doll.  The up and coming Irish brand provides mirrors, brushes, organisation trays and lighting kits at affordable prices.  We spoke to founder Andrea Griffin to find out more about herself and the brand.
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