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As the adage goes, lighting is everything, and in a bid to ensure women can enter a world of true glam and luxury, we’re Bringing Hollywood Home through our array of Glam Stations Hollywood Mirrors, Beauty Accessories and more, whether you’re after a bespoke dressing table or a simple ring light for your phone.  

Now more than ever, and with so many of us working from home, there’s high demand for some extra ‘me time’ and a place purely for self-attentiveness. Like many, if you’ve ever found yourself entirely captivated by that classic screen siren look or you’d simply like to put your best foot forward after a little sprucing up, that’s where our Hollywood Mirror comes in.   

You can bet the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor always set aside time for self-pampering and reflection, as well as the likes of Gigi Hadid and Dua Lipa today, and there’s plenty of reason we should do just the same. 

Hollywood Mirrors  

Capri Hollywood Mirror with Bluetooth Speakers

As part of any Glam Station, a Hollywood Mirror provides even light distribution and therefore, no shadows and unblended contour lines. It’s essentially our knight in shining armour, as well as looking both stunning and professional no matter the colour scheme at home. Whether you’re dressing up or down, adding to your Instagram or you simply want to look great on Zoom — the Hollywood Mirror is the showstopper that ticks all the boxes.  

Wherever your Glam Room resides, rest assured the flawless complexion our LED Hollywood Mirrors provide is next to none. Cool to the touch, GLAM DOLL’s LED bulbs have over 50,000 hours of lasting power, are highly energy-efficient, easily replaceable and all you need to do is plug it in and you’re ready to go!   

South Beach Hollywood PRO XL Mirror 

From The South Beach to The Marilyn Mirror, from The Audrey Full Hollywood Mirror, all the way to the more petite Bella Vanity Mirror — true shining Hollywood glamour and pizzaz can now be achieved right at home helping you to create your most desired makeup look.  

 Oh, and let us not forget, with the likes of say, The Gigi Harmony, you can enjoy the added indulgence of rich-quality Bluetooth speakers and prime yourself to take on the day (or night) along to the tune of Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien or Ariana Grande’s 34+35 Remix — whatever gets you in your feel-great mood!

Check out our entire Harmony Collection for a touch of Glam sound.  

These days, it’s not only the task of self-beautifying that calls for heavenly light but also our work calls. Yes, so many of us now spend hours a day chatting all things business-related on-screen, so much so, we’ve even heard of people pottering out for a walk while doing so. Wherever work takes you, the desire to look our best (even impeccable!) is ever-present.   

Speciality Lights

Ring Lights don’t just boost our selfie game, they’re saving us face after a long day, perhaps even a makeup-free day, during what feels like an around-the-clock Zoom schedule. So, enrich the moment that is now with a GLAM DOLL Ring Light. It’s self-indulgence and added bliss right at your fingertips. Attach to your phone, laptop, or just about anywhere up to 30mm.  

You can alter the brightness level, as well as change from cool to warm tones, catering to your surroundings. And don’t forget a phone mount accessory if you’re hoping to have your hands free — you’ll need them for mascara application at the very least.  

If you might also be thinking of starting classes online, whether it be work or college-related; maybe it’s Instagram, TikTok or YouTube where you plan to showcase your talents. Wherever it may be, consider LED Lighting possibilities like the Glam Studio Precision Light Duo or the incredible Glam Studio LED Ring Light that is so nifty, yet an absolute dream when creating videos or makeup tutorials.  

For a space-saving option, our NEW Desktop Ring light is perfect for your daily Teams meeting or those Zoom conference calls where you want to look and feel your best.  

So, while we pamper ourselves, create a zen space all to ourselves at home, wave goodbye to visible brush strokes and say hello to our inner Glam Doll, remember to treat, pamper and be kind to yourself.  

As summer approaches, it’s time to take full advantage of beautiful skies and longer evenings. While sitting outside, sipping on our favorite glass of rosé, all that could be missing is the perfect outdoor garden ambiance that can so easily be achieved with beautiful warm glowing garden lights.  

Outdoor Hanging String Lights

Our Outdoor Hanging String Lights and Solar Power Fairy Lights are just the trick and work wonders to glam up a small and intimate occasion or even... a most memorable wedding day!  

Dangle gorgeously across fencing, wrap delicately around a tree trunk, fix along the exterior house walls or from branch to branch, creating a magical and inviting atmosphere. You’ll be glad to know, these bulbs are very easy to replace with spare bulbs when needed too.  

 At GLAM DOLL we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional-quality products and outstanding customer service, plus affordable payment options. We love hearing from you so please get in touch, leave a review, connect with us on social media (below) and share some Glam inspiration.  

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