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GLAM DOLL, The Beauty Boutique Bringing Hollywood Glam to Your Home


Glam Doll - Ireland's Leading Hollywood Mirror Specialist

Women have a long wish list (no surprise there) of ideals, from what we would eat to what we would wear, all the way down to where we would live and, of course, that dream job. But, one of the most dreamt-of items on this wish list is having a professional makeup artist waiting for you, there to help you get ready at a moment’s notice, every detail of that smoky eye perfected, every minor blemish perfectly concealed.

And, while some of the other wish list items are a bit easier to achieve (just update that cv and go shopping), having the means to hire a makeup artist every single day is, for most of us, out of the question. Thankfully, there is a “next best thing” solution: GLAM DOLL.

GD Bianco Marble Brush Set by Glam Doll

An up-and-coming brand from Ireland that specialises in luxury beauty essentials, GLAM DOLL has everything you need to elevate your prepping routine. From must-have accessories (think selfie lights and glowing compacts) to beautiful Hollywood Glam Mirrors (complete with cool-touch LED bulbs and major starlet vibes), this beauty brand knows exactly what women want – and has it all in one convenient, easy-to-shop place.

Hollywood PRO XL Beverly Mirror by Glam Doll

A mum of three girls, Andrea, the founder of GLAM DOLL, understood how challenging it was to find high-quality beauty products that met all of the requirements: affordable, available and attractive. As she watched her daughters work to build their own “Glam Stations” for their bedrooms, she knew a business was being born: Girls everywhere want to look and feel glamorous, but there weren’t realistic solutions when it came to actually making that happen.

Glam Studio Makeup Chair by Glam Doll

GLAM DOLL, Andrea says, is made to help girls everywhere “Gather your Glam”. And, thanks to its brilliant product line, it’s doing just that. Whether your “Glam Station” is in need of better professional lighting, the best tools to apply makeup – or even the right chair to sit in – GLAM DOLL has you covered.

Glam Station by Glam Doll

Makeup Brush Collections

Among the most popular products, the GD Rose Pro Complete 15-Piece Brush Set is a winner. The ultimate collection of professional makeup brushes, this complete set is the best way to achieve a flawless look (without needing to hire an in-house artist).

Beautifully designed, the set uses black birchwood handles and rose gold aluminium so that the brushes can be displayed (not hidden). And, thanks to anti-bacterial synthetic brushes (animal-friendly), you can be sure your face stays perfectly clear. The set also includes a coordinating clutch bag so that traveling with your tools is easier than ever.

GD Rose Pro Brush Set by Glam Doll

GD Rose Pro Complete 15-Piece Brush Set

Hollywood Glam Mirrors

Of course, no Glam Station would be complete without the perfect mirror, which is why The Bella Hollywood Glam Mirror is so popular. The next generation of Glam Mirrors from GLAM DOLL, The Bella is packed with features designed to get you glowing. Adjust the light settings from cool to warm, finding the perfect light with a dozen dimming LED bulbs (which are all cool to the touch).

30% brighter than older models, this mirror features a sturdy freestanding base, perfect for desktops and countertops. And, thanks to its pivot function, The Bella mirror provides precision application every single time.

Hollywood Mirror 'The Bella' by Glam Doll

Hollywood Glam Mirror ‘The Bella’

It turns out that bringing Hollywood home really isn’t that hard. So, ladies, its time to finally update that wish list. Feel free to officially cross off “professional makeup artist” and, instead, replace it with a GLAM DOLL Glam Station. For more information and to shop the GLAM DOLL Beauty Boutique Collections online, visit: glamdoll.ie

Glam Doll | Bringing Hollywood Home

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