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The Miami native bringing old school Hollywood glam to Ireland!

She moved from Miami to Maynooth for love many years ago, now businesswoman Andrea Griffin is bringing old-school Hollywood glamour to Ireland.

Andrea had a 15 year career in aviation, moving into the beauty business doesn’t sound like a natural move but she’s making it work and her Glam Doll brand is doing very nicely.

Selling beauty accessories and high quality mirrors, Andrea is carving herself a nice niche market catering to beauty fans and professionals alike. Here’s a sample of what Glam Doll has to offer.

Pic: Glam Doll Beverly LED Mirror, €329.99

On offer at Glam Doll are a selection of LED mirrors, clever beauty storage and those all-important ring lights for Selfie lovers to get the perfect pic.

It was while decorating her own home that Andrea spotted her business opportunity. She explains, “While in the process of redoing our girls’ bedrooms we found it difficult to find top quality yet affordable products to create their own ‘Glam Stations’. After much research, and with a keen interest in beauty, I realised that there was a demand for these products within Ireland. And Glam Doll was born.”

Here is a little more detail about what Glam Doll has to offer that would turn your bedroom into a Hollywood style makeup station.


Let’s face it, who doesn’t need beauty storage like the above? Andrea sells the Glam Box of perspex storage sets, from small to very large prices range from €19.99-€149.99.

The Glam Doll LED light mirrors have cool-touch bulbs and emit cool light which is ideal for applying makeup, plus they look like old Hollywood style mirrors.

The ring light and stand is a big seller, together they sell for €189.99, what teenager wouldn’t want that positioned in the house somewhere for urgent Selfies? See more of what Andrea has on offer at www.glamdoll.ie

Pic: Glam Doll Ring Light & Stand, €189.99

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