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It’s been a long week…~’in the middle of Tuesday’ am actually joking but it has been a long day as I am currently sick with a flu and I am ready to hit the bed but before anything else, I wanted to write a quick post for you dolls it’s about this new brand which I discovered not long ago when I got offered to do a photo shoot with the company and the amazing photographer @Thisboyknows. ‘Glam doll’ is a new Irish brand which offers all beauty essentials from Hollywood mirrors to glam box organisers, ring lights and make up brush sets. For the perfect glam room. As a thank you I received one of their 15 piece fully synthetic brush sets which also comes with a cute little bag. I’ve been using them for a while now and I love it. They are soft, pretty and blend great. The set is filled with a great selection of brushes to get you started. I think we all hate when you order a brush set and half the brushes are the same and are not much of use. But these sets are build up of all the brushes you will need. They also have other sets in marble and metalic designs which you can see with the rest of the goodies by visiting their website here.  At the moment they are offering free shipping on all brush sets with the code: FREESHIPPING. Please note this post is not sponsored or anything, I just genuinely enjoy supporting smaller brands. It’s nice to be nice and doesn’t take much effort to say thanks. So here is mine. I will always appreciate all of these opportunity’s no matter how small or big. Happy Tuesday!


Laura XO


Two photos of me are done by: Adam Coleman (ThisBoyKnows)
The rest are my own.

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