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glam doll mirrors
           Hollywood PRO XL mirror – ‘The Beverly’

GLAM DOLL is a leading provider of Hollywood-style mirrors, cosmetic storage and luxury beauty essentials to help you achieve salon-worthy make-up in your very own home.

Established in 2017 by owner, Andrea Griffin, GLAM DOLL was created as she noticed a need for high quality mirrors and beauty products that clients could easily use at home.

So, with a keen interest in the beauty industry, Andrea began researching, designing and manufacturing the perfect products to fill this gap in the market.

The incredible quality and reliability of GLAM DOLL’s products, coupled with excellent customer service, has taken the brand from strength to strength.

Now, GLAM DOLL provide an unrivalled range of professional mirrors, speciality lighting and beauty tools that can be used both at home or by professional salons.

“Over my 16 years as a make-up artist I’ve used various products and tools, but I have always struggled when it comes to lighting, especially during the winter months. However, GLAM DOLL’s ring lights have changed all that. They give the option for both cool and warm tone lighting, which is particularly helpful when matching your client’s foundation shade. My personal favourites are the PRO XL Beverly mirror and the Mega Glam Box!”
– Mrs. Makeup, Celebrity Make-up Artist

Hollywood Mirrors

If you struggle to perfect your make-up in a dimly lit bedroom or bathroom, a GLAM DOLL Hollywood mirror (pictured below left) could be the answer to all your beauty woes!

Crafted with exceptional quality materials and featuring dimmable, energy efficient bulbs, this mirror provides the perfect lighting for all your beauty needs. From applying foundation to blending your eyeshadow, these mirrors can ensure flawless application. Simply plug into any power socket and glow!

Or, if you are looking for the ultimate ‘glam station’, look no further than the Hollywood PRO XL range (pictured above). As well as lights, this mirror features power sockets at the side for your hair styling tools, two USB ports to keep your phone charged and a space saving wall mounting option.

Plus, all GLAM DOLL mirrors are low voltage and are available with optional Bluetooth™ speakers to play music or your favourite podcast while getting ready for the day or a night out with the girls.

glam doll mirrors

Cosmetic Storage

As well as their signature Hollywood mirrors, GLAM DOLL offer clear acrylic Glam Boxes – a great solution for every beauty lover to keep all your make-up or skincare products neat and tidy.

Each box features a double-height bottom drawer for larger items, such as palettes, and a hinged lid allowing you to store taller items, like perfume and hair products.

Perfect for creating your very own super stylish beauty station at home!

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