So, what will the web series be like? Lisa Cannon discussed how she’ll be ‘incorporating arts and culture, and music into the world of entertainment’, as she said it’s a realm that ‘can be very celebrity-based and there are so many people that work in the industry that need to be focused on as well’.

‘We’re starting the series with Derry Girls’ Saoirse Monica Jackson and Normal People’s casting director Louise Kiely, she discovered Paul Mescal.’

‘As much as we’d love to have Paul on the show, I’m really interested in how he got cast because he was a total unknown until the series developed and now look at him, he’s on the cover of GQ Magazine! I don’t know anyone who has rocketeered to fame that quickly.’

‘With the crisis that the arts is facing at the minute, I just thought it was a really perfect time to celebrate the talent that’s right on our doorstep,’ she enthused.

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