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If you’ve already tried Googling “best compact lighted makeup mirror,” you’ve probably quickly discovered that the internet has approximately a million options to choose from—either extremely cheap and nasty, or  also oddly expensive and bulky ?  I’ve been there, and the whole process can be incredibly irritating because looks can be deceiving . If something is too good to be true then it usually is, so allow me to help you avoid a strobe light disaster. But whether you need a light-up mirror to stare intensely at your wrinkles/ blackheads , or a magnifying mirror to do your eyebrows, or just a simple, sleek, all-in-one mirror to do your makeup or skincare (yes you should be able to inspect your skin) , the process shouldn’t be that hard or arduous. If you have ever been on a weekend away in a hotel with atmospheric (dim and bad) lighting, and tried to do a Smokey eye you will love these.

Travelling is arguably one of the most exciting and enriching things in life, but if you ask pretty much anyone, they’ll agree that packing is the exact opposite. Glam Doll can help though. I have been a fan of the brand for a long time, I have always found the service to be exceptional and the team helpful. They are the influencers favourite and they have two really practical products that I wanted to share with you. 


If a regular compact mirror is a bit too bulky for you and your endless makeup needs, try the ultra-thin light-up mirror that folds flat like a little Kindle , it is about the width of an iPad. . The LED Travel Mirror comes in black €69.99 or Marble €79.99 Kit comes in black ( my choice) or marble.  The LED lights around the mirror have three hue settings (soft warm, cool light, and neutral). As for charging? Check the tiny USB port on the side—no batteries required. It comes with a magnifying mirror too ( great for chin hairs). It fits in your hand luggage or your vanity case but it is still big enough to see your whole face or hair. I am buying a second one for my office because although it is portable I use it downstairs too at home. Incidentally I have a Glam Doll mirror upstairs too, but a bigger one that looks pretty. 

I travel quite a bit for business and pleasure but  I’m pretty high maintenance when it comes to my makeup, so I don’t bother unpacking and repacking it all the time. The Glam Doll travel case is the absolute easiest thing to manage. It has adjustable inserts so that if you have travel sizes or full sizes you can easily move the compartments. The zippered bag has adjustable, removable dividers (so you can anything you want in the slots), a zippered side pocket, elastic pouches for your brushes (or mascaras or lipsticks, etc.), and a flap that flips over and Velcro’s everything snugly in place. You can slide your travel mirror in the pocket too.  It has a wipe clean area where your brushes go on the off chance like me your brushes are not always spotless on the return journey. It is also easy to clean. It keeps my things super organised and the hotel room less like a bomb site. It would also be really handy if you don’t have lots of makeup and lived in an apartment and wanted something practical and affordable to store.  I again opted for the black €49.99 for practical reasons , but if you are in the market for something fancier the marble option is very cute €69.99. 

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