Good lighting is key for beautifying oneself but the harsh light of many households can make it impossible to get your make-up looking right. Without the natural light of the daytime, it can be treacherous.

However, there is a solution.

Glam Doll is Ireland's leading Hollywood Mirror and Ring Light specialist which will give you the feel of a professional make-up station within your own home. From full length to small, Glam Doll mirrors use LED bulbs which are energy efficient and long-lasting. They are beautifully bright and offer the optimum light to achieve a flawless make-up application and the perfect opportunity for a selfie.

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Women have a long wish list (no surprise there) of ideals, from what we would eat to what we would wear, all the way down to where we would live and, of course, that dream job. But, one of the most dreamt-of items on this wish list is having a professional makeup artist waiting for you, there to help you get ready at a moment’s notice, every detail of that smoky eye perfected, every minor blemish perfectly concealed.

And, while some of the other wish list items are a bit easier to achieve (just update that cv and go shopping), having the means to hire a makeup artist every single day is, for most of us, out of the question. Thankfully, there is a “next best thing” solution: GLAM DOLL.

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